Hi, I’m Paul, President and Founder of Tannin Fine Wines. 

Food and wine are in my blood. I started working in the family restaurant at 9 years old, and it has been my passion ever since. 

I went to the University of Guelph and graduated from their Hotel and Food Administration program (B. Comm) and put myself through the program by working in various fine dining restaurants. After graduation the lure of mountains and skiing took me to Alberta and after a short while decided stay and to immerse myself into wine in the newly privatized Province. 

That was 1995, and I worked my way up through several prominent Wine Importers until I was running a National agency.  Along the way I became a Certified Sommelier, and Sommelier Instructor.

In 2005 I took the opportunity to start my own agency, Tannin Fine Wines, and pursue my true passion, which is to work with small innovative producers, and connect them with the top wine focused restaurants and retailers in Canada.

Wines produced with passion, presented by people with passion, to consumers who care.

My goal is to seek out trailblazing small producers defining emerging regions or re-defining existing ones and bring them to top wine focused restaurants and retailers in Western Canada. 

Small producers truly care about the health of their land and are passionate about the lengths they go to make wines as cleanly as possible.  To me it is the most exciting thing about the direction the industry is moving in. Most have found ways to produce wines with the least intervention possible, and so are either Sustainable, Organic, or Bio-Dynamic. This makes up the vast majority of the producers I like to work with.

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Currently Tannin Fine Wines operates in the highlighted Provinces